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Control Valves
- Pan Abraslves manufactures a complete range of Abraslve Control Valves to suit most
- applo-cations.
- Many types of valves are available, form the simple, cost effective Enviro Valve, through to
- tje precose Corsa ll Valve.
Sola 10 And Sola 30
Upgrade your Clemco “Classic” blast machine to the PanBlast™ Sola Series Valves, and take advantage of our superior design features and market leading prices.
PanBlast Economy Series Blasting Cabinets
PanBlast ES Blasting Cabinets are economically designed, intermittent duty blasting cabinets, which still have many of the features of other more expenswive cabinets.
ConeBlast 1/4 Internal Pipe Blasting Tool
The PanBlast ConeBlast 1/4" Internal Pipe Blasting Tool is designed to blast the inside surface area of pipes, in sizes ranging from 19mm (3/4") to 50mm (2") internal diameter.
ConeBlast Internal Pipe Blasting Tool
The PanBlast ConeBlast Tools are designed to blast the internal surfaces of pipes. Two sizes are available, the ConeBlast 1/4” and the ConeBlast 1/2”, allowing for pipe sizes ranging from 19mm (3/4”) to 305mm (12’”) to be blasted using the ConeBlast system.
ConeBlast 1/2 Internal Pipe Blasting Tool
The PanBlast ConeBlast 1/2" Internal Pipe Blasting Tool is designed to blast the inside surface area of pipes, in sizes ranging from 50mm (2") to 305mm (12") internal diameter.
Road Marking Sphere
PaintMix is used for road marking, and striping highways and runways the world over. Its usage results in much better visibility of the traffic markings and road signs leading to safer night driving conditions.
Aluminum Jacket Blast Nozzles
PanBlast™ ATN And ABN Series Blast Nozzles Feature A Robust, Durable Aluminium Outer Jacket, Along With Either Tungsten Carbide Or *Boron Carbide Liners.
QuikStop Remote Control Device
The PanBlast™ QuikStop Remote Control Device is a simple, almost failsafe design for use with virtually any blast pot remote control system. The operators simply loop the strap around their wrists, and insert the locking ball into the body. If the operator drops the blast hose, the strap pulls the ball from the body, which automatically de-activates the blast pot.
PanBlast™ Helix 100 Remote Control Inlet Valves And Helix 50 Exhaust Valves
The PanBlast™ Helix inlet and outlet valves are fully compatible with OEM RMS valves. The Helix 100 and Helix 50 function as separate inlet and exhaust valves, or they can be combined to form a Helix 150 single inlet and exhaust valve assembly.
Aurora Blast Light
The PanBlast™ Aurora Blast Light is available for both blast hose and blast helmet mounting. Both models utilize modern, long life, low maintenance LED lamps. The hose mounted model operates a 12V system while the helmet mounted model uses a 3.7V rechargeable system with a detachable battery.
ATV Double Venturi Blast Nozzles
The PanBlast™ ATV Series of blast nozzles are double venturi style nozzles, which provide a blast pattern approximately 35% larger than conventional long venturi blast nozzles, while only slightly reducing abrasive velocity.
Aurora 12Volt Blast Light
Saferer - LED style lamp generates no heat.
Brighter - Provides an illumination level of 1300Lux
Longerer - Lighting time in excess of 20 hours.
PanBlast™ CS Series Suction Blast Cabinets
Safer - LED style lamp generates no heat.
Bright - Provides an illumination level of 1300Lux
Longer - Lighting time in excess of 20 hours.
PanBlast™ Climate Control Tube
New from Pan Abrasives, the PanBlastTM Climate Control Tube is designed to either heat or cool the incoming compressed air supply to the blast operators blasting helmet.
Rubber Air Hose
Rubber Air Hose
PanBlast™ Deadman Control Handles
Pan Abrasives manufacture and stock a huge range of most types of remote control deadman handles, suitable for virtually any appliocation. Most types are available in both pneumatic and electric configuration.
PanBlast™ Enduro™ Blast Hoses
The PanBlastTM range of EnduroLite™ Blast Hose is designed and manufactured to reduce operator fatigue associated with using Heavy Wall Blast Hoses.
Handheld Blast Cleaning Machines (1-5HH)
Airblast Mini Blaster (AMB)
Airblast Mini Blaster (AMB)
The need for sandblasting small areas in an easy way has always been there. A unique solution to this is the Airblast Mini Blaster
PanBlastTM CS Series Blast Cabinets Model CS37
Design Features
- Vinyl gloves with cotton lining
- Two (2) gun system, one foot pedal operated, one trigger operated
- Cabinet mounted control panel with pressure regulator and gauge
- Rear mounted dust collector
- Powder coated finish inside and out
- Safety door interlocks
AER215 Nuovo Closed Circuit Blaster
- Industry's first integrated multi-pass cyclonic reclaimer and separation system, eliminating the need for additional cartridge or bag type dust collection systems.
- Industry's first ergonomic blast head handle with remote hand trigger, configurable for left or right handed operation to minimize operator fatigue (optional upgrade).
- Light weight and compact with total dimensions of 1750 mm x 940 mm x 940 mm inclusive of a 14 liter (0.5ft3) capacity pressure blast pot, ships fully assembled on standard square pallets for easy worldwide transport.
Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool
The revolutionary PanBlast™ Tornado Internal Pipe Blasting Tool changes all previous perceptions that internal pipe blasting tools are tedious and need to be constantly monitored and re-adjusted during operation.
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